The Foot of Doom

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Behold the dreaded Foot of Doom!


Gnoll Embalmer

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Here’s a gnoll I home-brewed for my campaign. Monster Manual 2 includes a creature called a Witherling that it says are ghoul-like undead creatures created by gnolls as a tribute to Yeenoghu. The tomb also includes a number of new gnolls. However, what it does not contain is the gnoll who’s job it is to create witherlings. So without further ado, I give you the Gnoll Embalmer: Read more…

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No new posts since January? Whoever is managing this blog has some work to do!

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Three large creatures strode through the cavern’s murk. The splashing of their wide, webbed feet filled the cavern as their long, bow-legged strides covered devoured the length of the gallery.

They were broad and well muscled through the chest and shoulders, but their limbs seemed streched. The odd combination of stocky and lanky features might have been comical, but for the dozens of 8 inch fangs that protruded from their wide mouths and the 15 foot lances they carried at the ready.

Jachaem held his breath as the trio of brutes strode past him as he hid in an alcove a foot or two above the cavern floor. He eased his blade in its scabbard and prepared to defend himself.

The trio strode past him, oblivious to his presence. He relaxed too soon.

A loud splash heralded a shift in one monster’s stance as one of the lances glinted in a stray patch of light. The lance transfixed Jachaem’s abdomen before he could react, pinning him to the cavern wall.

Death was long in coming.

I haven’t chosen a name foe these beasties yet, I just pictured them in my mind and had to jot it down.

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The Earth Mother

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The Earth Mother is the foremost daughter of Faeranah and Yakutan. She was the most prominent, most powerful, most gracious, and most beautiful Glé who ever lived.

She reigned as queen of the Glé for nearly 10,000 years. Even after the betrayal of Ulgidro rent the fairy races in twain and cursed so many to mortal existences.

Her reign ended in the second war against the Lord of Conquest, when Ulgidro bound her and sealed her in the pit of Vul’Shath. Because of the power of the Earth Mother mingling with the corruption of Ulgidro and the feral savagery of the dragon Vul’Shath.

Eventually, she may be released from her imprisonment through the deeds of a pair of heroes that slew Vul’Shath and needed her assistance as a part of their quest.

Matrim Cauthon

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Eye of the World Chapter 1: Mat is met in Emond’s Field by Rand and they discuss things while moving barrels of cider and brandy.

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Rand al’Thor

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Eye of the World Chapter 1: Rand travels with his father, Tam al’Thor, to Emond’s Field and meets up with Matrim Cauthon. They are both creeped out by the fade they see, but are otherwise looking forward to Bel Tine after the long winter.

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